We specialize in wine and beer. We work hard to find products that are exceptional, are largely independent or family owned, and worth it.

Our selections may come from a brewpub on the other side of town, a vineyard in the Canary Islands or a Distillery in the Rockies. They might only be available for a very limited time, never to be seen again. Whatever they are, irrespective of price, they're made by people that care deeply about quality and enjoyment. Like we do.

Drop by the bar and try something spectacular. 

BEN PLISKY-SOMERS (Wine Principal)

Certified Wine & Spirits Education Trust Level 3 wine professional, in the final stages of taking the trust’s highest level of education, the Diploma.

Ben is also an active member on the Ontario chapter of the Canadian Association of Professional Sommeliers Board of Directors.

First and foremost our wines taste great

Whenever possible they are organic, biodynamic or natural, with no synthetic chemicals or additions on the farm or in the cellar

They’re made by real people, on their own land, and who care about their environmental legacy
If stuck on a desert island, Ben would be drinking all the Barbaresco, dancing to funk.

DAN GRANT (Beer Steward)

Past Prud’homme Beer Educator, and former beer writer for Now Magazine, Scandinavian Brewers Review, TAPS Magazine and others. Voted Ontario’s Favourite Beer Personality at the last Golden Tap Awards (2019).

Our goal is to showcase brewers’ creativity. Expect a wide range of beer, with a major focus on complexity and playfulness

Look for barrel-aged, fruit-infused and interesting fermentations, alongside some of the finest examples of classic beer styles
Dan created RUNTOBEER in 2014, and quickly grew it into the largest running community in Canada. His longest run (60 km) was from Great Lakes Brewery in Etobicoke, to MERIT Brewing in Hamilton.

To be clear, we're not against rewarding good service. When we go out, we tip generously.

But it seems disingenuous for us, the owners, to expect you feel obliged to subsidize our wages. We're grateful for your support. That's enough.


Ours is a small shop.  So even though we lose a bit of each transaction to the card companies, it's so much more efficient to not carry a float, make bank deposits, calculate change and handle so many coins. Sorry for any inconvenience.


We love your dog. Unfortunately, because our liquor licence requires food to available at the bar, we have to admire your pooch from inside the shop. 

Feel free to shop the website, then swing by the store and we'll bring your order to the door, so Rover doesn't have to wait outside.

Service animals, of course, are always welcome. 

Starting in the New Year, if you want a to learn more about exceptional wine & beer, join Ben, Dan and key industry figures/producers for informative and fun sessions that provide everything from deep dives on specific regions to fun tastings to help you figure out what you like to drink. More information coming soon.

We also love to help select exceptional wine and beer for your restaurant, special occasions and work events. If you would like to work with us to elevate your beverage game, contact us at chat@bossanova.to

The Pixies' album Bossanova

Bossanova was the third studio album by Pixies.

We’re big fans.