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Baia Abuladze

Baia Abuladze - Gvantsa's Wine, Otskanuri Sepere, Red, Imereti, Georgia (2021)

Baia Abuladze - Gvantsa's Wine, Otskanuri Sepere, Red, Imereti, Georgia (2021)

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A lovely herbal and savoury dry red wine with ripe fruit, black tea and moderate tannins. With a slightly salty, raspy bite this has the feeling of if a Piemontese Barbera were grown on Tenerife. 

REGION Georgia > Imereti > Obcha
GRAPE(S) Otskanuri Sepere
ABV 12.5%
FEATURES Low Intervention, Biodynamic, Natural, Vegan-Friendly

The country of Georgia is now considered the birthplace of wine as recently unearthed wine making artifacts are more than 8,000 years old — these are the oldest wine making remains in the world! 

There are about 450 unique vine varieties in Georgia and most of these would not be familiar having bordered on extinction for some time. In 2013, a couple of maverick Georgian winemakers, Baia Abuladze and her sister Gvantsa started to rediscover the rarest species of wine grapes in Western Georgia and to focus on bio wine making techniques.

The re-discovery process continues until today: Baia Abuladze, together with her winemaking family, stands among a number of Georgian winemakers who work to identify and classify local vine varieties.


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