Bodegas el Maestro Sierra - Fino Sherry

Bodegas el Maestro Sierra - Fino Sherry

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Is sherry bossanova's greatest passion? While we'd be happy to debate that long into the night with a range of our wines and beers, el Maestro Sierra would be right up there.

An arch classic with precision & elegance. Bruised apples, almonds, salinity...the finish goes on and on over its bone dry palate.


The bodega is characterized by traditional methods (such as transferring the different stages in the soleras by hand every four months) and soleras that are maintained at a high average age. Due to the fact that the bodega was more or less silent during more than 30 years, it now possesses some of the oldest stocks of the whole Jerez region and some of the oldest soleras still in use.

abv: 15%