Closson Chase - Vineyard Chardonnay, Prince Edward County, Ontario, VQA (2019)

Closson Chase - Vineyard Chardonnay, Prince Edward County, Ontario, VQA (2019)

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Wet stone, candied walnuts, popcorn kernel, floral tones, and hints of under-ripe melon complete the nose. The mouth is round and plush with zesty fruits, beautiful bright acidity, and a slightly briny flavour leading to a refined finish.

One of the pioneers of winemaking in the county, Clossen Chase started in 1998. It is ideally situated on Hillier clay loam which is well to moderately draining, with a shallow layer of top soil consisting of organic matter and crumbled limestone rubble. The soil retains moisture within its depths which encourages deep root penetration of the vine.

The calcareous nature of the soil, created from millennia of crustacean deposits, has a high pH – 7.9 to 8.1 – an ideal environment for grape vine roots, while the reflective pale gray rubble supports production of fruit colour and ripening.

The climate of Prince Edward County, virtually an island, is greatly moderated by Lake Ontario. This massive body of water allows Southern Ontario to grow its fruits.

Closson Chase Vineyard experiences a fast start in the spring, with higher risk of spring frost, but full ripening before the shorter, cooler fall season. Closson Chase’s south facing slope adds to the early warming ability of the site, as well as aiding in water drainage and airflow.

Sustainable, vegan