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Ante Sladic

Ante Sladic - Debit - Oya Noya, Dalmatia, Croatia (2018)

Ante Sladic - Debit - Oya Noya, Dalmatia, Croatia (2018)

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David Lawrason - Wine Align 2021 - 94 pts: "Orange" wine, but does not pour overtly orange, more of burnished gold colour. This is well balanced, complex and intriguing!...Melon/starfruit, subtle tea and jasmin notes

REGION Croatia > Dalmatia
GRAPE(S) Debit
ABV 12.5%
FEATURES Skin Contact, Low Intervention, Sustainable, Vegan-Friendly


Vinification: Debit grapes from old vines - 14 days of maceration. Aged in 50 years old oak barrels. Unfiltered. Debit is a versatile grape that can be made into a variety of styles. However, historically the most significant and most important is the traditional “zutina”which loosely translates into yellow wine. 

Located in the village of Plastovo, the vineyards are planted just outside the village as well as on the hills above the town of Skradin, bordering the Krka National Park. This area has a unique microclimate influenced by the Krka River and Adriatic Sea, sitting at 250 meters above sea level and is characterized by cool nights and ample warm, sunny days.

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