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Dewazakura "Tobiroku" Sparkling Ginjo

Dewazakura "Tobiroku" Sparkling Ginjo

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High-quality unfiltered sake with carbonation from a secondary fermentation in the bottle.  Light & crisp, this is a “Brut” lovers bubbly brew.  Fruit tones like young strawberry, persimmon & Asian apple pear.

REGION Japan > Yamagata
STYLE Sparkling Ginjo
FORMAT 300ml bottle
ABV 16.0%
RICE Haenuki

Founded in 1892, the Dewazakura Brewing Company, run by the Nakano Family, boasts its reputation on its traditional yet skillful way of brewing, as well as its innovation.

In 1981, Dewazakura Brewing Company released the “Oka,” a Ginjo grade sake polished at 50 percent at an affordable price. It was this sake that created the “Ginjo Boom” and soon other breweries would create their own Ginjo and Daiginjo grade sakes making Dewazakura pioneers in sake history.

The company has since created multiple award-winning sakes and still continues to make high quality sake that is now exported to over 30 countries all over the world and is still run by the Nakano family.


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