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Domaine Baud

Domaine Baud - 'Cuvée Flor' Chardonnay, Côtes du Jura (2020)

Domaine Baud - 'Cuvée Flor' Chardonnay, Côtes du Jura (2020)

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Controlled oxidation at its finest. A beautiful juxtaposition of vibrant fruits aromas and nutty oxidative flavours. The 2019 Domaine Baud 'Cuvée Flor' presents an intense range of flavours, boasting concentrated honeysuckle, ripe apricot, candied meyer lemon, sourdough, honeycomb, and freshly grounded cloves. The wine attacks the palate with mouthwatering acidity, followed by citrus flesh, bruised golden delicious and burned honey, intensely mineral, with a nutty and umami finish.

The Baud estate dates back to 1742. Today, nineth generation vignerons Clementine and Bastien Baud are making some of the best-value wines in Jura. This unique wine region is a narrow valley in the remote hills between Burgundy and Switzerland that was once covered by an ocean millions of years ago. If you kick a stone in a Jura vineyard, it will probably be a fossil!

Sustainable, Vegan

abv: 13% 


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