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Famille Guerin

Famille Guerin - Beaujolais-Village, France (2022)

Famille Guerin - Beaujolais-Village, France (2022)

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Bright bubblegum notes with a sense of the rocky soils the grapes are gown on. This wine has angularity on the palate with a juicy and luminous core. Classic Beaujolais fun that you can serve with a slight chill and party. 

REGION France > Beaujolais
FORMAT 750ml Bottle
ABV 12.5%
FEATURES Low Intervention, Biodynamic, Vegan-Friendly

Elisa Guerin returned to her parents domain in Beaujolais (mostly in the Moulin à Vent appellation) to turn the vineyard organic and lower interventions in the winery.

An agronomist by training, Elisa first wanted to focus my time on quality work in the vineyard to obtain beautiful vines, living soils and balanced grapes.

Vinification is carried out as simply as possible with the fewest possible inputs in order to obtain fine wines that express their terroir and reduce environmental impacts by planting hedges and fruit trees and working with living organisms.

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