Finca Casa Balaguer - Tragolargo, Alicante, Spain (2021)

Finca Casa Balaguer - Tragolargo, Alicante, Spain (2021)

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Summertime Fun! Like an adult 'Five Alive' with a bit more tartness. This wine has zingy fresh aromatics, zippy acidity and a good degree of balance between pithy, dry tannins, fruit concentration and just the right level of funk. A glorious golden colour offering aromas of orange blossom and fennel with some delicate floral notes.

Tragolargo Blanco is made from Moscatel vines located in the Salinas de la Mata Natural Park in Torrevieja and Malvasía from Puerto de La Harina. Both plots have sandy soils located very close to the Mediterranean Sea.

Andres Carull family has been making wine in Alicante for decades. At a very young age, he already knew what he was going to dedicate himself to. However, a visit to Bordeaux in 2008 made him discover natural wine; turning his winemaking towards this ‘old-but-new’ path. The seed planted in Bordeaux in 2008 has now blossomed into a personal project dedicated to producing stripped-back, honest wines that truthfully express his countryside, heritage and people. Vibrant wines from living vines.

Orange Wine, Malvasía, Moscatel

Biodynamic, Natural, Vegan


13.2% alc./vol