Fot Li - Vermut Forumla Antigua, Reus, Spain

Fot Li - Vermut Forumla Antigua, Reus, Spain

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A super complex array of botanicals leap out of the glass including thyme, vanilla, orange peel, dried meyer lemons, anise, cardamom, nutmeg, liquorice root, fennel and sage!

REGION Spain > Cataluña
GRAPE(S) Garnacha Blanca
ABV 16%

Production limited to 9,000 bottles. Macerated for three weeks with 31 botanicals and aged 40 years using the soleras system.

Fot-Li is a vermouth made in Reus, the Catalonian town renowned for being one of the most important centers of spirits production (specially vermouths) in the 19th century. The town in Tarragona (Catalonia) is still a large producer of aperitifs and a popular destination sought-after for its bars and restaurants.

Toni Omedes Alegre, the creator of Fot-Li is part of a family that has been making wines in Catalonia since the early 1900s. After generations of his family working in the wine industry, he now decided to create a classic Vermouth de Reus.

Fot-li translates roughly as "go for it"!