Keltis - Mario Rosé Pet Nat, Slovenia (2018)

Keltis - Mario Rosé Pet Nat, Slovenia (2018)

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A fizzy organic rose from Slovenia. Very pretty and elegant with notes of pear tartin and pie crust, red apple, strawberries and lemon curd. A direct press of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and local, Rumeni Plavec grapes, given just a slight pinkish hue from the red-skinned berries.

This is done in the methode ancestrale style, a single fermentation that is finished in the bottle for a natural sparkle. No filtering or fining, no sulfites added.

"Keltis wines attest to the artisan’s approach in the vineyard and the cellar, they express their terroir, and contain minimum quantities of sulfites. A big share of our wines is unfiltered and that is why our wines carry inside them life and the potential for further development. Marl, which is the main rock of our terroir, provides our wine with minerality, especially felt in the macerated wines.As dictated by our philosophy, our work with wines is done at the time of the full moon, when the wine is at its peak and can fully express its potential. Since we only follow its development and do not monitor it artificially, the wine arrives on the market when it is ready and thus every vintage shows its character in its own moment.

Vineyards of the Keltis wine cellar encompass 5 hectares of land and stretch over the south and south-western positions as well as northern slopes of the Bizeljsko area. Western winds blowing from neighboring Orlica take care of the ventilation and are our natural ally in the fight against diseases. Soil composition includes marl, sandstone with quartz binder, clay, Lithuanian limestone, and limestone with the application of chert." - Zev Rovine (New York importer) 

organic, vegan