Maenad - Piquette, Sauvignon Blanc (2020)

Maenad - Piquette, Sauvignon Blanc (2020)

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Made by adding water and a small amount of sugar to freshly pressed Sauvignon Blanc grape skins. Fermented with wild yeasts and bottled just as fermentation was ending to create a light spritz.

A zesty nose full of grapefruit and orange with fresh herbal notes. An extremely crushable, low-is alcohol beverage that is like the crazy refreshing centre of a cider/beer/wine Venn diagram. Delicious. 

Unfiltered and bottled with lees. No Sulphites added.

And what is Maenad? Female followers of Dionysus the Greek God of Wine (and some other fun things), the Maenads were known to partake in some wine and break into ecstatic dance as part of their rituals.

Sustainable. Natural.

abv: 5.5%