Meroni - 3519, Garganega, Veneto, Italy (2021)

Meroni - 3519, Garganega, Veneto, Italy (2021)

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Notes of wet wool, and honey, pineapple, apricot, golden apples and peach blossom with a minor note of almond. Tons of acidity with this wine. It feels more like a Chenin Blanc than Garganega. Unfined, unfiltered and without added sulphites.

REGION Italy>Veneto>Valpolicella
GRAPE(S) Garganega
ABV 13%
FEATURES Low Intervention, Biodynamic, Natural, Sustainable, Vegan-Friendly


Since inception, in 1935, Meroni had exclusively crafted red wines - until 2015 when they decided to begin experimentation with Garganega, the base grape of Soave wines. This is a hard-skinned, deeply yellow grape that ripens into an almost red colour at harvest.

Batonnage with the "noble lees" is carried out by suspending them in the air in bottle and the wine is shaken after alcoholic fermentation.