Meuse "Frontenac 2019" Spontaneously Fermented Grape Ale

Meuse "Frontenac 2019" Spontaneously Fermented Grape Ale

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The grapes give this co-ferment a beautiful dark burgundy colour. The aroma is red berry and cherry like and has a floral touch to it. There's a light barnyard and leathery funk and a pleasant almost citrusy acidity that cuts the sweetness.

A fresh grape skin flavour comes through early along an overall vinous character. The oak character comes through in the finish with a strong nuttiness.

The bottle has significant lees, so we recommend allowing the sediment to settle and pouring carefully off the lees to provide a bright and clear pour.

FORMAT: 375ml bottle
ABV: 9.0%

Without the addition of any brewer’s yeast, this beer is a first: co-fermented with fruit, but spontaneously fermented beer from the yeasts and bacteria present on the skins of the grapes themselves.