Collection: EVENTS

Join bossanova for fun dives into the world of wine! We offer completely customizable sessions based on your group’s interests. Some examples of the sessions we can put on for you include: 

  • a focus on a particular region, grape, winemaking technique
  • a dive into some of the stories and the wines of some renowned producers 
  • an intro into how to taste wine and what makes them taste differently to one another
  • wine packaging materials...ok, kidding. [But an oddly fascinating area...]
Perfect for get-togethers, team building events, etc. You can either:
  • come to bossanova ($55/person, 10 person minimum, Thursday evenings 7:30-9:00 pm includes 4-5 wines, 2oz ea.)
  • have us come to you ($ and wines to be determined per event)
While Ben might have some fancy-schmancy wine education, he is a great communicator. Ben mixes up full on wine-geek enthusiasm with down-to-earth, light-hearted information that helps everyone feel comfortable and engaged. 
Chat with us about how we can create your event.