Bossanova Gift Card

Bossanova Gift Card

  • $10.00
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The card may be online (there is no physical version), but it's good for actual, real world things! 

This Gift Card never expires. 

Some other useful info. 

  • When you add it to your cart you'll see a message saying "Taxes and shipping calculated at checkout." Ignore that. There's no shipping or taxes on gift cards. 
  • A digital code will follow in an email.  If this is a gift for someone else, just forward it along.
  • The entire balance does not need to be used all at once. Remaining amounts carry over.
  • Balances cannot be topped up on this card. There is no reload option.
  • More than one gift card can be applied to a purchase. 
  • This card can also be used to cover taxes and other charges.
  • If an item is discounted or another promo is attached, you can still use this card just as you would any other form of payment.