Brùton "Stoner" Golden Strong Ale

Brùton "Stoner" Golden Strong Ale

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A light-coloured beer, golden. Fresh but potent to the nose containing notes of apricot and candied fruit. On the palate it is well balanced having hints of honey and fruit which pleasantly mask its fairly high alcoholic content.

FORMAT: 750ml bottle
ABV: 7.5%

In the history of Crete, that pearl of Minoan civilization, Brùton was the name given to a drink produced from fermented cereals, very similar to beer.

Abundant libations of Brùton were made during rites dedicated to the sacred bull god, the powerful and invincible Minotaur which was imprisoned in the labyrinth at the Palace of Knossos.

A reference to this tradition can be seen in our logo, a stylized bull’s head which reminds one of the mythological figure of the Minotaur.