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Cota 45

Cota 45 - 'UBE', La Riva Manzanilla Fina, Jerez, Spain (NV)

Cota 45 - 'UBE', La Riva Manzanilla Fina, Jerez, Spain (NV)

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Salty, almond, bready and slightly cider notes on the nose followed with a brine-filled palate with intense white blossom, pear, crisp apple, and rich umami and toasted nuts.  

REGION Spain > Jerez
GRAPE(S) Palomino Fino
FORMAT 750ml Bottle
ABV 15.5%

The Palomino grapes were grown just 7km from the coast, on soils that were once under the ocean themselves; rich in limestone and dotted with ancient ocean fossils.

The wine is aged in solera (hence being non-vintage), with the barrels only half-filled to allow the classic ‘flor ’layer to form.

Cota 45 is the project of Ramiro Ibáñez, a prestigious oenologist from Jeréz who works as an adviser in different wineries of the Sherry Triangle (Marco de Jeréz). With Cota 45, Ramiro seeks to make manzanilla as they did in the olden days, without fortification and with shorter ageing, bringing all the focus on the terroir and the personality of each farm. With all the expression of the grapes marked by the soils, the climate and the vintage, and with the ageing only present to the necessary extent, to complement and boost the character of the terroir.

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