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Pearl Morissette

Pearl Morissette - 'Bonbon' Lemberger, Niagara (2020)

Pearl Morissette - 'Bonbon' Lemberger, Niagara (2020)

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Lemberger (perhaps better known as Blaufrankisch?) producing a somewhat mid-way point between pinot noir and Syrah. Peppery, blue fruit and smooth palate. Plenty of zippy acidity and a slight natty undertone keep this wine super pretty and versatile. Pearl Morrisette is convinced this will be Niagara's red grape as it is perfectly suited to our climate.

REGION Canada > Niagara
GRAPE(S) Lemberger
ABV 12%
FEATURES Low intervention, Natural, Vegan

Pearl Morissette started in 2007 and has become a reference point for high quality and innovative wines. It is a collaboration between winegrower François Morissette and Mel Pearl. 

The farm in Twenty Mile Bench is largely planted in very close spacing (1.2m x 0.9m) to promote competition and mitigate Niagara's rich, fertile soils.

However, humidity in Niagara's infamous hot, soupy climate means this spacing comes with risk and so the winery adapts by trellising the fruit wire higher than normal (60cm instead of 30-40cm). 

Most fermentations are undertaken in concrete and aging in concrete, old founders and amphora. Sulphur use is minimal.  

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