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Prima Pavé

Prima Pavé - Rosé Brut, no alcohol, Italy (NV)

Prima Pavé - Rosé Brut, no alcohol, Italy (NV)

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Using the traditional method (of Champagne and Cava), this zero alcohol wine offers a lovely floral bouquet with delicate bready notes alongside red currant, cantaloupe, peach skin, lychee & tangerine. And only 3.2g/l of residual sugar, this is very dry - almost unheard of for no alcohol wines. 

GRAPE(S) Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc & Gewürztraminer
ABV 0.0%
FEATURES Organic, Vegan


Prima Pavé is the brainchild of Certified Specialists of Wine and hospitality entrepreneurs, Dejou and Marco Marano. Founding two companies focused on food & wine tourism, the Maranos, have spent the past decade partnering with leading wineries around the world, learning from legendary vintners and savoring their craft. An aficionado of sparkling, Dejou conceived the idea for Prima Pavé while pregnant with their first baby. Searching for an alcohol-free wine festive enough to toast this significant moment in her life, she realized there were few options offering sophistication, complexity and food-friendly flavors.

With brilliant bubbles in mind, the couple partnered with an energetic and progressive winemaker in Northern Italy to develop an exceptional alcohol-free sparkling collection. Thus, Prima Pavé was born.

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