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Tenuta di Ghizzano

Tenuta di Ghizzano - Bianco, Terre di Pisa, Italy (2021)

Tenuta di Ghizzano - Bianco, Terre di Pisa, Italy (2021)

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With some skin contact influence, this wine has a lovely, deep fleshy presence on the palate but very clean aromas and flavours. Oranges, saltiness, a bouquet of herbs and wildflowers and a long sapid finish. Lovely!

REGION Italy > Tuscany
GRAPE(S) Vermentino (50%), Trebbiano (30%) & Malvasia (20%)
ABV 13.5%
FEATURES Low Intervention, Skin contact, Organic/biodynamic, Vegan-Friendly


Organically certified, biodynamic practices. Grapes are hand-picked and sorted. The Trebbiano and Malvasia both are left in contact with the skins for 24 hours.

The family settled in the area in the 14th century with the current winery built in 1370. However, it was not until 2011 that this appellation within Tuscany received DOC certification.

After many years of experimentation and research the winery has settled on the best oak barrels and casks for their wine, using a variety of sizes depending on the destination for the final wine. Additionally, in 2017, Cocciopesto Amphora were introduced. As opposed to traditional amphora which have a large oval body and narrow cylindrical neck and are made of terracotta, Cocciopesto are large, uncooked amphoras composed of fragments of ground brick, crushed stone, sand, cement binder and water. They are highly bio-compatible, guarantee micro-oxygenation and bring out the flavours and aromas of the wine during both the fermentation and aging process, enriching and amplifying the fragrance of the wine.


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